Heavy agricultural tractor


The concept of an agricultural tractor of a near future.
Focusing on critical points in the fields of effectivity, efficiency and applications.


Compact and strong shaping, unconventional position of the cabin


Envitonmentally-friendly usage,
low demands for maintenance


Maximal variability,
manoeuvrability and power


Technical – drive, technology
Human – service, view


The new perspective of a tractor, the shape is based on the overall compactness of the machine. The hood is dominating, it is surrounding the tractor\'s technologies and constructural elements and so it represents the intersection of two distinctive parts of the tractor. The intersection of technological and human part is reflected by the drive solution and and also by the conflict of old, conventional approach to tractor with the vision of future development.


Haart Spectre comes with totally different drive. The concept is fully electrical agricultural tractor. The drive is consisting of foursome of tranction electric motors, to which the energy is provided by the system of flow batteries. This technology changes the view on electically driven vehicles mainly because of the quick battery charginf process.